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His Story

Ethan Michaels greatly enjoys the imagination process inside the world of making up a story; a process he began in childhood. However, he didn’t think the stories he imagined and told his schoolmates could be called writing, because he wasn’t using a pen or a keyboard.  Much later he edited his college newspaper and wrote the play Lennon & McCartney: The Day They Met. Next, he wrote movie reviews for his local newspaper. However, since telling those wild fabrications as a child, it was obvious to him that Speculative Thrillers were what he had been writing, what he had been reading through his adolescence, and where his particular attraction lay. Speculative Thrillers is now the genre Michaels exclusively pursues.

        His first published book was the novella, The Sound of Heaven: A Mysterious Stranger’s Quest. Writing a full novel was a life’s dream for Michaels, which was fulfilled with the soon to be published, The Oneness Theory. And his third effort, a work in progress, is Alternative Reality. Although this is a working title, he’s reasonably certain the word "Eternity” is going to work its way into the title. Michaels enjoys jogging, is a member of Goodreads, and has been found playing Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven on his piano. He finds the best way to spend time, is being with his wife.

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