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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

At Clear Creek Publishing, the complete satisfaction of our customers is always top priority. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below, and feel free to get in touch if you need additional information.

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Is an e-reader needed for your digital pubs?

Our books are published in one of two digital formats—Kindle e-reader or PDF—depending upon the original print publication date. Both of these versions can be read on your PC without a separate e-reader device by downloading FREE software from the Internet. To view the PDF file version of one of our books, download the free Acrobat Reader software from the Adobe website. To read a Kindle version of one of our books on your PC, download the FREE Kindle PC reading app,  provided just below the Kindle version price—on the site.

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Are all your books available in print AND digitally?

We would love that too! The short answer is, "Not yet, but we are working to ultimately provide our customers that convenience. We are publishing our current books in both a print and Kindle e-reader format. We are also converting our out-of-print titles to a digital format. The type of digital format (PDF or Kindle e-book) varies by title, depending upon the market demand of the publication. KIndle e-book titles will also have a paperback and hardcopy print version released with it. The status of publication conversion will be updated regularly on the Our Publications tab, so we invite you to check back often. This tab also indicates if a legacy or pre-owned copy of an out-of-print title is available in one of our Vintage Online Shops. If you have a particular out-of-print book you are interested in purchasing, please contact us using the the form, located on the Home Page with the title to help in prioritization.

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