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Meet Our Authors

Robin Kring

sleuthing and writing stories of yesteryear, mystery, and intrigue

Author of 8 books, 100 magazine articles, and numerous print and online publications, Kring's thematic marketing books and publications have sold worldwide to professional planners of Disneyland Hotel, MGM Grand, Harvard Business School, NBC, and TV Guide. Passionate about the intriguing characters and places of her Colorado home she shares with her husband, Kring has authored several local histories. Her latest publications are inspired by her fascination of Victoriana and "love of everything old from books to manners." Kring is currently writing a new local history book, and the self-described "Wanna Be Miss Marple" hints of starting her first book of fiction.

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Ethan Michaels

time traveling with readers into speculative fiction

Time travel and mysterious adventure hold a particular magnetism for Ethan Michaels, luring themselves into his debut novella. Enjoying the imagination process inside the world of writing, Michaels has been penning stories since his childhood and served as the editor of his college newspaper. Writing full-time, today, Michaels can also be found practicing classical piano pieces from his favorite composers: Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin. He also enjoys running and
spending time with his wife.

Our Newest Writer

Wait til You Meet Him

The ink is still wet, but were so excited we wanted to let you know we are getting ready to release two new books by a most intriguing Colorado creative. More details coming soon.

New Writer Coming Soon
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