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May Day Baskets: One of my fondest memories of childhood

Do you remember making paper May Day baskets in elementary school? I love traditions of yesteryear and this one especially brings fond memories of a treasured springtime celebration. Our teacher would guide us in a yearly ritual of carefully drawing, cutting, and pasting colorful construction paper patterns into cone-shaped flower and treat holders. Next, we filled each May Basket with paper flowers and candies for special secret-deliveries to carefully-selected neighbors.

Secret-Mission Anticipation: Delivering May Baskets

When May Day (May 1) arrived, my heart pounded with anticipation as I walked down the street to the first house. I would remind myself that I must be quick and quiet. Climbing the stairs to the front door, I carefully placed the handle of the May Basket over the front-door knob—and, with almost a single movement, rang the doorbell and pirouetted quickly around to escape back down the stairs.

Was my get-away quick enough? Had I been noticed? I dearly hoped not, as the joy of the delivery was rooted in the surprise the secret delivery would bring. As I ran down the street, I looked back over my shoulder. Satisfied I had made the delivery unnoticed, I took a deep breath of relief at the completion of my secret mission, and pondered the next doorbell to ring for another May Day basket smile.

May Day Memories

The nostalgia of this special First-of-May custom has never left me, and I like to think it remains with others who share a similar childhood-memory sentiment. An old-fashioned practice of yesteryear for some, it will remain a cherished memory for many. For some of us, it's a tradition we took with us to adulthood, or at least hoped to visit again one May.

Free May Day Basket Download

Create your own cherished May Day memories by making and delivering a special May Basket to a neighbor, shut-in, or friend. Please accept our gift of the following nostalgic May Day Basket (with poem) pattern (best printed with a "landscape" setting):

About the Author

Robin Kring loves memory-making and everything old — traditions, antiques, and golden friendships. Kring is local historian and author of seven books and numerous magazine articles (Visit Our Publications tab for more details. Read her Victoriana Chats and Cemetery Chats (of Intriguing characters & tombstone touring) on our Authors Blog tab.


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