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Story of "MA" Barker Son Speaks from Beyond Grave

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Inmate #17243 Lloyd "Red" Barker

In 1949, Lloyd “Red” Barker was the last living son of the notorious “Ma” Barker clan — that is until he was shot dead by his 92 lb. wife on the morning of March 18, 1949. At the time, he appeared to be living a crime-free life with his wife and four children in a north-Denver area suburb since his release from a 25-year sentence to Leavenworth in 1938.

Wife's Fear of Outlaw Barker Boy

His Denver Denargo Grill co-workers, who purchased his Elmwood Cemetery gravesite, said they did not learn of his connection to the infamous "FBI Most Wanted" outlaw clan until after his death. However, Red’s wife Jean “Jennie” Barker told police a much different story. Jennie's story was one that distilled a fear for herself and her children, saying that “Red” often threatened her life on numerous occasions, reminding her he was “one of the outlaw Barker Boys.”

Tour Lost Barker Clan Grave

Take a self-guided (graveside or bedside) tour of the cemetery, telling the story of Barker and the cemetery’s other intriguing and not-to-be-forgotten using A Stroll through Elmwood by Robin Kring. The book tells the tragic story, that in a time before help to (or belief of) battered women, left four innocent children without not only their father but without their mother too. You’ll find detailed directions to Barker’s unmarked gravesite and others, including convenient QR codes to each location. The book is available at . For more information, including those graves profiled in the book, visit .

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